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0 comments | Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sowbugs & Pillbugs - The Difference

What's the difference between sowbugs and pillbugs? Not much, mind you. But the main difference between the two little creatures is the fact that the pillbug can roll up into a ball when confronted by curious onlookers such as humans and it also lacks the tail "appendages" which the sowbugs do inherit. Probably seen more often are the pillbugs, also known as roly polies. They are a serious nuisance to few gardeners, but are not carriers of any diseases and contrary to some jokers, they do not "bite bad little kids". What I've found particularly interesting about them is that they are closely related to shrimps and lobsters, but you will not find them on the menu at your local seafood joint, at least not around here, thank goodness!

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