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Pine Tree Scientific Names

Learn the scientific names of the genus of pine trees found throughout North America. Explore their growth habits and facts about the characteristics of these evergreen trees.

The genus of pine trees, scientifically known as Pinus, is comprised of around 120 evergreen & coniferous trees and shrubs. Pine trees grow well in almost any type of soil that has adequate drainage. To help you better identify pine trees, note the type and color of bristles, size and shape of the pine cones, the characteristics of the tree's bark and the size and shape of the tree itself. There are several pests that will attack pines such as the sawfly, mealybugs, borers and miners. Aphids can also sometimes be a nuisance to the pine tree. Diseases that will affect pines include: blights, butt rot, pitch canker, and blister rust. To help you better identify specific pines by their Latin names, listed below is a compact list of common and scientific names of pine trees.

Pine Tree Common & Scientific Names

  • Aleppo Pine Tree - Pinus halepensis

  • Armand Pine - Pinus armandii

  • Arolla Pine - Pinus cembra

  • Austrian Pine Tree - Pinus nigra

  • Beach Pine - Pinus contorta

  • Bristlecone Pine - Pinus aristata

  • Canary Islands Pine - Pinus canariensis

  • Eastern White Pine Tree - Pinus strobus

  • Jack Pine - Pinus banksiana

  • Knobcone Pine - Pinus attenuata

  • Korean Pine - Pinus koraiensis

  • Lacebark Pine - Pinus bungeana

  • Limber Pine - Pinus flexilis

  • Loblolly Pine - Pinus taeda

  • Mexican Pine - Pinus ayacahuite

  • Mountain Pine - Pinus mugo

  • Pinyon Pine - Pinus edulis

  • Pitch Pine - Pinus palustris

  • Ponderosa Pine - Pinus ponderosa

  • Red Pine Tree - Pinus resinosa

  • Scots Pine - Pinus sylvestris

  • Western White Pine Tree - Pinus monticola

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