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1 comments | Monday, August 28, 2006

Ashes in the Garden

Who me? Put wood ashes in the garden? Why and what for? Some people will tell you not to put ashes in your garden. Well, okay, this might scare a few people, but remember, we're talking about wood ashes in the garden, not ashes from the burn barrel, where some people might burn their trash. Wood ashes are completely safe for the vegetable and flower gardens. Just use them in moderation as wood ashes are very alkaline. Some tender plants won't take lightly to large additions of wood ash to your garden beds. I was taught long ago to treat wood ashes like lime in the garden. So use it in this way and you should be fine. Hey, and for those of you that think it's a no-no to put wood ashes in the garden beds?? Think of how nature replenishes her forests. FIRE It's a cycle that soil goes through to strengthen itself. Even forest rangers or those replanting wildflower habitats use fire to burn out the unwanted growth thereby feeding the soil in the process. Hey I didn't make the rules, I just follow them....

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