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0 comments | Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cooperative Extension PDF Files

Many cooperative extension publications available online are sometimes available only as PDF files. This is especially true when searching through agricultural cooperative extension sites. For some people using older computers with little memory and small processors, these PDF files can put a serious strain on your computer resources, sometimes bringing about the dreaded blue screen. Without knowing if the gardening information you seek is contained within the PDF file, you may pass on opening it or downloading it to your desktop. There is a way to preview what is in the Cooperative Extension PDF file without having to use your PDF viewer. For example, say you are on the Purdue University site looking through their fruits and nuts garden publications, you'll notice all of the PDF files. Take this one page for example on: home storage of apples - http://www.hort.purdue.edu/ext/HO-95.pdf. If you go to the google home page and type in the URL without the http://www. then you will get this result. If you look under the page result, you will see this link: View as HTML. This is google's cache of the PDF file from the Purdue website for that particular PDF file. Note that some images or graphs that are in the original PDF file may not show through this cached page. Just thought this might come in handy for those with older computers that don't want to miss out on some excellent information, but usually don't like waiting for a PDF file to open.


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