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0 comments | Monday, August 28, 2006

Soil pH Test

Do you have several places in your garden where you'd like to take a soil pH test, but just can't see shelling out the money for those expensive soil pH test kits? Well, have I got just the gardening tip for you. You'll need a cup of distilled water or rain water, some red and blue litmus paper from the drugstore and soil samples from the areas where you are making your soil pH tests. Put one of your samples of soil, about one or two ounces, in a glass vial or whatever else you have handy. Add enough water to cover the soil in the vial. This will usually be about twice as much water as soil. Then hold your finger or hand over the top and shake it for a couple of seconds. Let the sediment settle back to the bottom of the vial and dip your strip of litmus paper into the liquid. If the blue strip on the litmus paper turns red, then the soil is acid. If the red strip on the litmus paper turns blue, then the soil is alkaline. If neither of the strips on the litmus paper changes colors, then the soil is neutral. Simple as that. If you want a more accurate soil pH test, then of course you'll need a professional soil ph test kit, but this will give you a general idea of what soil amendments you'll need for your garden.

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