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1 comments | Monday, September 18, 2006

Keeping Deer out of your Garden

A few simple tips that may help you keep deer out of your garden:

  • Sprinkle human hair around your plants. Deer tend not to like the smell

  • Irish Spring soap seems to deter deer when hung around plants

  • Mix egg and water and drizzle on plants. Deer aren't too fond of the taste of eggs

  • Plant dill around the garden. Some deer just won't touch anything in the surrounding area

  • Sprinkle bloodmeal around the garden to deter deer. Not only good for keeping deer out of the garden, it is also good for the garden soil

Some people have had mixed results with the above tips for keeping deer out of your garden, but they may work well for your particular situation. Remember to vary your deer control measures often.

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Gardening Tips


Blogger anned said...

This is an excellent article. It gives several tips and I intend to try each of them.

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