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0 comments | Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Limited Gardening Space

We don't really have limited gardening space by any means, but I'm sure there are plenty of gardening folks out there that do. We used to live in an apartment before moving to our 50 acres of heaven, so I do realize what it means to garden with limited space. When we were living in the apartment, I believe we were the only people there that grew corn in containers. Made a really good screen out back and gave the vining plants somewhere to roam upwards. All of our plants were right by a busy sidewalk and the collection of plants caused many people to stop and gander for a moment, perhaps bringing back memories that the city life had somehow suppressed.

Any limited space can support a "garden". Your garden is what you make it. Even if it's just a pot with some petunias enjoying a sunny spot, that can be "your garden". And pretty much any plant can be grown in limited spaces, even trees. Yes, trees. Learn the art of bonsai and you can apply the same principles to your tree growing in a pot. But for most of us, just having a tomato plant in a container is all we need. Or a planter filled with Marigolds. The idea is what makes gardening so fun. So grab a pot, get a bag of soil and get gardening in your little garden space.

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