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1 comments | Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rain and Gardening Chores

Rain has moved in over the last several days and has brought the gardening chores to somewhat of a standstill. We still have many gardening chores left for this month and surely don't need the prolonged waiting period. While out in the shed, I just shelled a bunch of seeds for replanting a garden bed next year. It really helps to have a shed outdoors where there is some sort of shelter to keep dry in the rain and still enjoy gardening.

The time would probably be better spent sharpening and oiling up tools for storage over winter. I usually let this go until the first snow flies, but maybe I could be ahead of "schedule" for once. Really, I laugh at that word, "schedule", because nothing in the garden ever seems to follow a schedule to the strictest sense of the word. Basically we work around our garden's schedule and not vice versa, unless of course, you want to be knee deep in weeds and bugs. When the weather says it's time to plant, then it's time to plant. Gardening chores such as tilling and weeding should be done when the weather is right, or you just may be waiting another few weeks before that perfect day rolls around again. And believe me, weeds that are just poking through the soil are much easier to hoe than the ones that have become established and are competing with your precious plants. So, even though that ache in your back begs you to cuddle up on the couch and thumb through some garden catalogs, you really don't want to put off those gardening chores that will be much harder on your back next week or even the week after. Mother Nature will reward you for staying on schedule with your gardening chores.

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Blogger primrozie said...

I am ever so thankful that we built a little shelter out in our garden. It started out as a deck on the back side of our pond. Then we put up a roof and lattice panel walls. It is shelter from the heat and the rain, but won't keep out the cold.

It is a multi-purpose area that we also use for sitting outside at night to wind down before bed. Very relaxing and we even get to sit in the garden ;)


3:06 AM


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