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1 comments | Thursday, October 05, 2006

Peeling Potatoes and Potato Peels

Ever have a big old pile of potato peels after peeling potatoes? Alot of people just throw the potato peels into the trash. Hey you! Stop doing that! Instead of adding more "valuable trash" to our landfills, compost those potato peels. And here's a tip to make it even easier to get those potato peels out to the compost pile. Just lay out several sheets of newspaper onto the counter before peeling your potatoes. Then peel your potatoes over the newspaper where the peelings fall onto the newspaper. When your done with the task, simple wrap up the newspaper and bury the whole thing in the compost pile. Not only are you composting the potato peels, but the newspaper also. You can also rest assured that you've fed a family of worms for several days. And God knows I like keeping my garden worms good and fed. Happy Gardening!

Gardening Tips


Blogger old swimmer said...

do potato peels attract white flys?
I have always avoided potato peels and tomatoes in my compost because my super-smart neighbor (in another region) said they attract white flys.

2:52 PM


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