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0 comments | Monday, September 25, 2006

Common Garden Weeds

We've all had to deal with common garden weeds. But do you know the names of those garden weeds? Can you identify them with a glance? Do you know how those weeds propagate themselves? Some common garden weeds produce seed several times a season and if not caught in time will cover your garden bed with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of seeds. There are also a few common garden weeds that sit silently in your garden not looking like much of a threat. But what you do not see is the spreading stolons silently weaving an underground web, while at the same time robbing nutrients intended for your plants. All of this only means more work for you in the future of your garden. Learn to identify common garden weeds here. While not a definitive, or complete guide, it will certainly give you a heads up on the most common garden weeds. You can at least understand and identify the weeds, making it easier to determine what preventative measures are called for in your garden.

Gardening Tips


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