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0 comments | Monday, October 02, 2006

More Fall Chores

As the days and nights get colder we are reminded of the gardening chores we have left to take care of before winter sets in. This is just to remind you of a few more Fall chores you may have forgotten before old man winter visits your garden.

  • When freezing temperatures set in, be sure to double check any outside faucets. Remove and drain all of your garden hoses.

  • If you won't be making leaf mold or using your fallen tree leaves in a compost pile, shred the leaf piles with a mower and use them as a mulch this winter.

  • When frost threatens, remember to bring any plants that are not winter hardy into the house or heated garage. This includes house plants sitting out on the porch.

  • Fall is the best time to transplant trees, shrubs and perennials. Get those plants moved now for a fresh healthy start next Spring.

  • Divide your favorite perennials, such as daylilies and hostas, this Fall. Division is a great way to make new plants and you can trade these divisions in Spring for new plants that you've been wanting.

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