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0 comments | Friday, December 22, 2006

Garden Pictures on a Rainy Day


On days like this when it's rainy out and I get to feeling blue, there's no better medicine for me than to browse through pictures of the garden taken in the past. I guess I live for playing in the garden. I started planning for next Spring when the leaves began to fall in Autumn. I'm working on building a bigger vegetable garden every year. We started canning [pictures taken] and drying [pictures taken] some of our own vegetables this year. Actually, we would have started sooner, but the size of our old garden [pictures taken] just wouldn't have made it worth it. My next big project is running a water line underground [pictures will be taken] to our new vegetable garden. It's located quite a ways from the house and I get tired of dragging the hose all the way out there. We try to document everything we do with pictures. Every new plant in the garden beds gets a mug shot [picture taken]. They also get their annual picture taken [picture taken??]. It makes it so much easier to keep track of the growth rates of the plants. And it gives me something do on rainy days like today. Now if only my hard drive were larger....

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