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0 comments | Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Poisonous Plants for Dogs

There are countless plants that are poisonous to dogs and you can keep your dog safe by knowing what plants are poisonous to them. I won't go into listing all of the poisonous plants here as there are many competent sources already available. One such source is from Cornell University. Their poisonous plants database offers a list of plants not only poisonous to dogs, but also to humans and livestock as well. Their comprehensive poisonous plants list will keep you busy for the better part of an hour or so.

The Animal Poison Control Center also offers a list of poisonous plants for dogs and pets. They also offer the service for what to do should your dog ingest any poisons. And just so you are aware, there is also a list of non-toxic plants for dogs and pets

I hope this information will help keep your dog safe from poisonous plants. To many of us, they are family and losing them can be one of the hardest things in life....

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