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0 comments | Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tree Planting Tips

We're gardeners, so at least one time in our lives we're probably going to be moving, or transplanting a tree, so these tree planting tips should come in handy:

  • A few days before transplanting the tree, water around the tree thoroughly. This helps to keep the tree hydrated during the transplanting process.

  • Dig the receiving hole twice the size of the root ball of the tree you are planting.

  • Notice the roots of the tree. Are there any broken or encircling roots that need to be trimmed up?

  • Spread the roots out in the hole when planting the tree. Make sure that the roots are not circling inside the hole. The tree will get established quicker with plenty of loose soil for it to grow in.

  • When back-filling the hole, leave out the last bit of dirt and then water the tree in thoroughly. This helps to create a temporary bowl effect that will allow water to seep all around the roots of the tree, versus the water draining off when the tree planting hole is completely filled in. When finished watering, fill in the hole with the remaining dirt to soil level.

  • Now you are ready to mulch around the planted tree to conserve moisture and keep weeds away from the trunk of the tree while it is becoming established. Add a two to three inch layer of mulch around the diameter of the tree. Suitable mulches would include well-rotted manure, wood chips, bark or pine needles. If the tree should need staking, now would be an appropriate time to do so.

Tree planting isn't all that hard. Just keep the above tree planting tips in mind and you should be just fine.

Gardening Tips


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