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0 comments | Monday, September 04, 2006

Frugal Gardening Tips

Some miscellaneous frugal gardening tips to help you save money.

  • A $9.00 bag of peat in-season may cost you only $3.50 at the end of the season. Buy the majority of your garden supplies in the Fall and pay lower prices from retailers.

  • Instead of buying that plant you've had an eye on for your garden, why not trade plants through a local garden club or online plant swap.

  • Don't buy that $20 bottle of potent bug poison. You can make your own earth-friendly bug juice at home for a lot less and not only save money, but save the environment as well.

  • Make your own compost bin out of wooden pallets. It will do the exact same job as one of those high-dollar plastic ones.

  • Use drip irrigation instead of overhead watering. Less water will evaporate and more water will reach the plant roots where the water is needed most.

  • Clean your garden shovel at the end of the year by getting a 5 gallon bucket, filling it with sand and running the shovel up and down through the sand several times before storage. Sharpen and give the blade a light coating of 3-in-1 oil before putting it away for the winter. Well maintained tools are easier on your back and your wallet.

  • Some city governments make their own compost and mulch. They may make this available in bulk to local citizens for next to nothing, if not free.

Gardening Tips


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