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0 comments | Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Homemade Plant Labels

Another great gardening tip comes on making homemade plant labels. Homemade plant labels can be had at a great price...cheap. This information especially comes in handy should you have LOTS of plants.

The most popular plant labels made at home are plastic labels made from mini-blinds. There's always someone throwing out an old pair of mini-blinds and just asking around can award you with more than you really need. Basically all you do with these is cut the mini-blinds down to about six inches and write the plant name on the plant label with a permanent marker or pencil. I've had the best luck with using a pencil. Markers fade too quick for my taste.

Another popular homemade plant label is rocks. Yeah, you read that right, rocks. Just pick some neat shaped ones and mark the plant's name on the rock with a permanent marker.

Not a new homemade plant label by any means is the plastic knife. You know, the ones you have left over from your last family outing? They make perfect plant labels. Again, you can use either a marker or pencil for labeling.

One more idea, and really resourceful, is using empty aluminum cans. Using a pair of tin snips, cut the top and bottom off of the can. Then cut down the length of the can. You should be left with a flat piece of aluminum when spread out flat. Now cut the aluminum can into strips for using as plant markers. These are best marked with an old ball point pen, pressing down hard when writing to make the aluminum "take" the plant name. You can also put a hole in the strips of aluminum and make tags for trees. Simply loop a piece of string through the hole and hang on your tree.

Hope you enjoy these homemade plants labels! They're as fun to make as they are useful.

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