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0 comments | Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Worm Snakes

If it looks like a worm, then it must be a worm... snake that is. I'm not sure whether they're called worm snakes because they look like worms or because they eat worms. Either way, don't go digging through loose, sandy garden soil with bare hands and take for granted the only squiggly creature you'll come up with between your fingers is a worm. I was transplanting plants into a recently tilled nursery bed and brought up a handful of garden soil with one of these worm snakes dangling through my fingers. I was a bit shocked as I couldn't immediately identify this snake. If you've never come upon one in the garden, you can read more about them here. They really seem to like sandy soil, like ours, so if you have clay soil I wouldn't be worrying about digging these snakes up in your garden. The worm snake is not poisonous.

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