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0 comments | Friday, October 06, 2006

Blood Meal

So what is blood meal? And why should I have any interest in using it in my garden? For one, it's an excellent source of nitrogen. Second, blood meal is an organic nutrient. Need more reasons? How about having a bag of blood meal around to deter deer? Most deer will walk a mile around the stuff. Well maybe not a mile, but you get the picture. Blood meal and deer just don't go together very well. Unless you have some deer that are messed up in the head, but that's entirely another problem. Just sprinkle blood meal around the garden, preferably around your plants, and see what happens. Not only will your plants be happier from the additional nitrogen, but the deer will keep their distance from your garden beds.

Blood meal is basically made by dehydrating blood that is collected from animal processing plants. If you're worried about getting BSE from blood meal, just see what the experts had to say about it.

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